SPRinG Project

Improving the effectiveness of pupil group-work in classrooms


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Research Teams


Key Stage 1

Director: Professor Peter Kutnick   e-mail:
Researchers: Dr. Cathy Ota, Dr. Lucia Berdondini   pkutnick@hku.hk

Key Stage 2
Director: Professor Peter Blatchford Address: e-mail:
Researchers: Dr. Ed Baines, Anne Chowne Institute of Education p.blatchford@ioe.ac.uk
25 Woburn Square e.baines@ioe.ac.uk
London WC1H 0AA a.chowne@ioe.ac.uk
Tel: 020 7612 6268 Fax: 020 7612 6304

Key Stage 3
Director: Professor Maurice Galton Address: e-mail:
Researchers: Linda Hargreaves, Susan Steward, Tony Pell, Charlotte Page Faculty of Education mg266@cam.ac.uk
University of Cambridge lh258@cam.ac.uk
184 Hills Road ss437@cam.ac.uk
Cambridge CB2 8PQ awp2@le.ac.uk
Tel: 01223 767516 Fax: 01223 767602